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Favourite MathType shortcuts

Most MathType functions can be accessed from the keyboard. Here are some of my most-used shortcuts.

Shortcut Effect
CTRL-ALT-q Create new inline equation
ALT-o Open selected equation
CTRL-h Superscript
CTRL-l Subscript
CTRL-f Fraction
CTRL-r Square root
CTRL-SHIFT-e Switch to text style
CTRL-SHIFT-+ Switch to maths style
CTRL-g followed by a letter Equivalent Greek letter (e.g. CTRL-g, p for \(\pi\), CTRL-g, P for \(\Pi\))
CTRL-d followed by R, C, Z or N Equivalent letter in blackboard bold (\(\mathbb{R}\), \(\mathbb{C}\), \(\mathbb{Z}\) or \(\mathbb{N}\))
CTRL-k followed by T Multiplication symbol
CTRL-k followed by . \(\ge\)
CTRL-k followed by , \(\le\)

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